Effective, tailored medical education solutions

Providing targeted, multi-channel learning programs for healthcare professionals, Springer Healthcare increases knowledge in disease awareness through independently created content.

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Springer Healthcare marries the reputation and credibility of the Springer, Nature, and Adis portfolios with the expertise and capabilities of a dedicated medical education division. Working with a network of medical experts and societies, we create learning programs and initiatives to identify and address knowledge gaps across a multitude of disease areas.

Our capabilities include:

  • CME-accredited live events and eLearning
  • Independent content solutions
  • Customized educational programs
  • Independent healthcare news services

Hybrid Meetings – Virtually There

Springer Healthcare specialize in the creation of live, local, interactive events for HCPs which bring all the benefits of major conference attendance (and more) with genuine customer engagement and no travel complications.


Driven by a local program committee and run in almost real time with your chosen congress, Hybrid Meetings recreate the buzz of an international meeting and stimulate peer-to-peer interaction – through local dissemination of data and connection with experts at the conference.

Our Hybrid Meetings provide an understanding of key data presented at international meetings in the context of local clinical practice and can be delivered to your audience in a number of ways:

Recorded Congress Video Presentations

Pre-selected, pre-recorded videos of congress presentations broadcast to a live audience in a local region.

Recorded Expert Interviews

Pre-recorded, on-site video interviews from congress with pre-invited experts, including session presenters.

Session Summaries Presented by UK-based Chair

Slide summaries of Congress Sessions, to support live virtual meeting discussion and Q&A, and for post-meeting distribution.

Live Q&A with Expert(s) at Congress

Cutting edge technology allows your audience to live-link with on-site expert(s) at the congress, moderated by a local Chair, to discuss the clinical relevance of presented data.

Supporting Digital Applications

Mobile Apps to aid the distribution of content to meeting delegates before, during, and after the meeting, and to increase interactivity.

Congress insights and reporting

Re-engage with your audience via a range of flexible congress coverage solutions. Springer Healthcare blend insightful, impartial congress news, virtual abstract presentations, slide summaries, and therapy area expert interviews through virtual channels, live events, and printed media.

Springer Healthcare excels in providing on-site reporting direct from global and local medical conferences, providing in-depth, insightful and targeted coverage of all session types to give a complete overview of the conference.

The elements in our conference coverage package are designed to complement each other, allowing the healthcare professional to find out exactly what they need in an accessible and easily digestible format.

Congress reports

In-depth reports focusing on key therapeutic topics from a conference and featuring interview quotes from attending thought leaders.

News reports

Brief reports highlighting the key results from a specific presented abstract and written by members of our in-house news bureau, who are experienced in adding substance into their reports.

Video highlights

Brief interviews discussing the implications of a clinical trial result or key development. These videos frequently utilize a peer-to-peer format to ensure fluid high-level discussions regarding the clinical impact of the data.

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Web Portals

Springer Healthcare develop web portals or knowledge centers which provide on-line access to internal and external resources including key references, literature summaries, slide decks, and training materials. Springer Healthcare understand the importance of driving traffic to your site and offer a range of services designed to attract and retain an audience.




Custom Publication solutions

Drawing upon our long-standing expertise and experience in medical publishing, and our trusted standing among international thought leaders, Springer Healthcare develops tailored, yet independent publications that convey serious, educational content in a quick-reference format. Our publications are authored and edited by international thought leaders with instant name recognition who lend authority to the content.

Clinical guides

Springer Healthcare recognizes that textbooks are often cumbersome and readily available books can be off the mark or outdated. We therefore produce concise pocket guides, appropriately targeted toward specific healthcare providers, which incorporate the latest clinical evidence and guidelines. These comprehensive aids for day-to-day clinical practice cover etiology, diagnosis, and optimal disease management.

Essentials in Pathogenesis

With a growing presence of targeted agents in the market, it is becoming increasingly necessary for healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with complicated immunological and molecular pathways in order to understand the appropriate adoption of these drugs in the market. The Springer Healthcare Essentials booklets have been specifically designed to convey these high-level scientific pathways in a concise, easily digestible format.

Expert approaches bulletin

Our bulletin series recognizes that your messaging and educational needs are ever-evolving. Released on a regular basis, or as a stand-alone initiative, these brief bulletins provide timely expert discussions of your latest product message, clinical trial data, or instructional clinical scenarios.

Supporting clinical practice

Tactical initiatives

Springer Healthcare Education designs unique solutions to encourage active learning, as well as providing reinforcement of specific learning points.

The carefully designed programs ensure that all learning requirements are met, and that healthcare professionals have the necessary support for their everyday decision-making processes. Working closely with experts, we identify appropriate, relevant, and validated solutions to suit the target audience in order to fit seamlessly into their day-to-day practice.

Solutions include:

  • – Clinical case studies
  • – Key opinion leader presentations
  • – Diagnostic guidelines
  • – Disease-staging programs

Extending Skills & Knowledge

Strategic learning programs

Springer Healthcare works with societies, experts, and specialist third parties to develop comprehensive long-term learning programs, designed with needs-assessed objectives and measured outcomes. Working completely independently, Springer Healthcare develops trustworthy, credible, multi-channel learning programs that support learning and development over an extended period of time. Springer Healthcare’s eLearning programs assist healthcare professionals in understanding the current best-practice approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

CME courses

Timely and relevant educational programs, devoted to specific disease or treatment topics, that fit into the busy life of the healthcare professional are created from Springer’s own vast portfolio of content and that of selected ‘gold standard’ third parties.

We partner with leading experts and relevant accreditation bodies to create continuing medical education courses that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and disseminate key learning messages and best practices.

Program elements include:

  • eLearning
  • Live events
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Keeping users informed and up-to-date


For over 10 years, Springer Healthcare’s independent in-house news bureau has been a trusted supplier of independent medical news to educational websites. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team provide original, authoritative and topical medical news services across a broad range of disease therapy areas.

Congress Coverage

Services include expert interviews and engaging conference coverage direct from key events, helping to disseminate the latest scientific research and findings to a global audience.

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