Providing innovative solutions to engage and educate your target audience

Springer Healthcare remains true to its core competency of high-science content delivery, provided by our in-house experts in editorial development. We have over 75 full-time, highly qualified medical writers and editors globally, combined with access to writers and editors in multiple specialty areas.

Our writers bring a range of experience spanning a variety of pharmaceutical, academic, and publishing backgrounds and can provide a comprehensive analysis and overview of a given topic. The result is accurate scientific content, delivered with maximum flexibility via effective and timely project management.

With the ability and expertise to create relevant, credible content that is going to engage the audience, Springer Healthcare combines clinical know-how with state-of-the-art digital platforms, and intuitive design strategies, to deliver dependable solutions which increase communication to healthcare communities.

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Capabilities include:

  • Product strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Literature monitoring and reviews
  • Expert identification
  • Detail aids
  • Slide kits
  • Product advocacy
  • Advisory boards
  • Mode of action
  • Satellite symposia
  • Publication plans and preparation of manuscripts
Product strategy

Developing critical success factors and differentiators are crucial to the positioning of a product and associated core messaging. Springer Healthcare evaluate your product in the context of the indication, prescribing audience, competitors, and patients to provide recommendations for an effective communication plan.

Brand creation

We work with established creative partners to fully understand the brief and client needs, from initial concepts through to final designs. The development of a product lexicon helps reinforce message delivery through consistent use of product terms and phrases.

Publication plans and manuscript preparation

We have a wealth of experience in developing, maintaining, and revising publication plans for products at all stages of the development life cycle. We also understand, and strictly adhere to, the key internal and external processes and regulations concerned with manuscript preparation.

Literature monitoring and reviews

We understand that while clients are time poor they also need to keep up to date with the latest research and advancements in their field. With this in mind Springer Healthcare can identify the most important published articles and create concise effective summaries in a format which best suits your audience.

Expert identification and engagement

Springer Healthcare use a proven methodology to identify established experts and rising stars within a given therapy area. Once identified, these experts can work with clients to inform their strategy and deliver their communication initiatives.

Product advocacy

Building on expert identification through engaged physicians who are current users of your product. These physicians can be used in an advisory panel to inform strategy and tactics throughout the plan. Identified physicians should be involved in the tactics delivered from the plan, which will strengthen their association and motivate them to become product advocates. They can also help to develop second-tier physicians.

Advisory boards

Springer Healthcare can manage all aspects of advisory board management from expert engagement and logistical considerations, through content development and management, to facilitating the advisory board and developing outputs for internal or external publication.

Detail aids

Springer Healthcare create engaging rep tools which support and stimulate meaningful discussions with your prescribing audience. Accuracy and scientific integrity is reflected to ensure messaging is delivered in a way which is credible and resonates with HCPs.

Slide kits

We are experienced in producing all types of slide kits from simple PowerPoint presentations for internal and external use, through to the development and maintenance of up-to-date comprehensive slide banks for the creation of bespoke presentations.

Mode of action (MoA)

Working with scientific animators, artists and designers our editorial teams create accurate and engaging representations of your product’s MoA. Animations, flow diagrams, and/or illustrations can be used to effectively disseminate product information by sales teams, product websites, booths at conferences, or via digital online and mobile platforms.

Satellite symposia

Springer Healthcare can manage all aspects of satellite symposia including expert engagement and management, logistical considerations, content development, AV management, and on-site attendance at the symposium.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) evidence quantifies and demonstrates product value and clinical results, providing stakeholders with insight into resource allocation, market access, and competitive potential. Our in-house health economists advise clients and deliver initiatives such as strategic consultancy, core value dossiers, publication support, and engagement tools.

Web and mobile expertise

Our in-house digital expertise and experience enables Springer Healthcare to deliver high-science content through optimal digital technologies.



Our customized digital solutions include:

Diagnostic algorithms

Medicine is a visual science, these image-based, interactive algorithms use intuitive design to lead the healthcare professional through differential steps to reach a diagnostic conclusion.

Interactive clinical guidelines

Our interactive guidelines App creates a practical point-of-care tool from any major published guideline by simplifying the content into a series of interactive decision-making steps that allow the healthcare professional to reach their clinical conclusions swiftly.

Clinical case studies

Springer Healthcare Communications employs an expert-led case-study approach, whereby we work closely with a leader in the field to identify appropriate, relevant cases with validated patient profiles.